Freelance Web Design and Web Application Development

Hello! My name is Vincent Devine. I am a part-time free-lance web application developer, website and graphic designer with 13 years of experience. I take on one or two client projects at a time. Because of my situation my services work well for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and special interest groups which perhaps are not interested in hiring a website administrator, but want help setting one up. My clients choose if they want to manage their own content or not. I can work as a sub-contractor for other design companies who need short term "just-in-time" extra help to meet deadlines.

James Vincent Devine coding up a storm

What I can do for you:

  • Mobile, Tablet, PC web design
  • Responsive web design (detect the user's device and serve up an appropriate design)
  • PHP and MySQL web application development and testing
  • Joomla!™ Content Management Systems install, coding, and administration
  • Zen Cart™ e-commerce system install, coding, and administration
  • Graphic art, Animations, Layout
  • Logo Design
  • Set up or migrate and manage your web hosting
  • Email account administration
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Extensive Marketing Consulting
  • A bunch of other stuff too, please call

J. Vincent Devine,
Web Application Developer
2147 Grays Peak Drive Suite 201
Loveland, CO 80538-7087
Mobile / Text: 307.286.3396